Spring into action to sell your home!

Clean It, Pack It, Fix It, or Get Rid of It!

When you are doing your spring cleaning, keep in mind that you may be moving before too long. As you clean your home, get rid of what you don’t want to take on your move and put everything else in good order. Not only will this save you time and energy during the busy process of selling and moving, you’ll be better prepared for showing your house.

Buyers want a property to look like a fantasy version of their future home, not feel like they are coming over to visit you and your kids. When you are ready to show, make sure shelves and countertops are clean, and all of your family knickknacks are packed away, as well as having any minor and cosmetic repairs that need to be done taken care of.

Choose the Right Realtor

Your choice of a listing agent will make a big difference in how quickly your home sells and how much of a profit you’ll realize. Get recommendations from friends and interview several listing agents to see which ones have the right experience with similar homes in your price range and area. A REALTOR® with a great marketing plan and deep local knowledge is extremely important. Don’t just go with the one who tells you they can sell for the highest price; choose someone who can present you with a detailed market analysis.

Do Your Own Market Research

Knowing what homes of similar size and value in your area are selling for can be a powerful tool, and knowing whether to sell your home before or after you buy is important. Talk to a lender to help you navigate these financial decisions.

Proper preparation can ease your home selling experience tremendously, so make sure to plan well, and good luck!]]>